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Who We Are

Jeremy Smith is known as the Catman because of the five cats who let him share their home, and this site is called Catmando Miniatures because, to quote Jeremy, ‘making miniatures is what I (the Catman) do’.

Jeremy has been a full-time creator of small things for over forty years. He made his first 12th scale piece, a fully-equipped gypsy caravan, in his spare time as a seventeen-year-old student at Medway College of Design, and the project marked the beginning of a lifelong passion. Over the years he has developed two main specialisms – artists’ equipment and moving pieces that actually work. Several of his pieces are examples of both, as with the award-winning artists’ mannequin, which, along with other creations, can be viewed in the Gallery.

Jeremy lives in Cornwall with a large family of animals, plus one other human. When he has time, he indulges in drawing, painting, cooking and gardening, but his raison d’être is his craft – he is often heard to declare, ‘I just make little things out of wood!


What We Do.

Each piece is handcrafted in Jeremy’s garden studio in Cornwall in the far south-west of England. The process begins with the design, which may be inspired by a piece of antique furniture, or it may be a direct replica of a found item. When he’s not actively making miniatures, Jeremy is often found poring over vintage catalogues for new ideas. Materials are then chosen carefully, both for durability and authenticity, allowing each piece to correspond closely with its full-scale counterpart. Then the crafting begins.

Project times vary depending on the complexity of the item, but common to them all are the intricacy and attention to detail that Jeremy is known for among collectors and experts worldwide.

Many of the pieces in the Gallery are for sale, while others can be commissioned. Please contact us for prices, production timescales and ordering.